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What is it that fuels you? For me, it’s Rainbow Six Siege. I've been addicted to Rainbow Six since I first picked it up on release on Xbox (Yes I haven't always been a fully fledged member of PCMR!)

I grew a love for the competitive aspect of Siege very quickly and became addicted to it. There are so many layers to a competitive match which makes it so interesting for me.

It took me a while but it was inevitable that I would end up working within competitive siege. That opportunity came as an analyst - I'm competent in statistical data analysis and I got my chance under KiXSTAr with Team SleepY, then moving on after that project finished to Horus Esports. Since Horus I have been working as an external consultant within the current G2 esports Rainbow Six team.

Aside from Siege - I work as a financial analyst within an accountancy firm. I'm a qualified accountant and also have my own business keeping content creators, esports professionals and shoutcasters compliant with their taxes! 

FreshThoughts is truly my own little passion project, I just want to rant about siege all the time - I've posted many threads on Twitter. They'll be posted here from now on! I hope you enjoy browsing my site and all of the unique content I have to offer.


Take a look around; perhaps you’ll agree with my views, perhaps not! As long as everything stays respectful - Read on and enjoy!

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