Fresh Thoughts covers a variety of topics mainly relating to the esports title 'Rainbow Six Siege'.

It is mainly focused around high level play and the esports aspect but also covers the game itself, proposed balancing and changes alongside a lot of other community driven topics. 

The blog is a growing blog but is exhibiting the following baseline statistics.

  • 2,000 unique monthly visitors.

  • 21% recurring visitors.

  • 5,000 page views per month.

  • 76% Mobile visitors

  • Average 2 blog post visits per session.

Fresh, the author of the blog has over 3,400 Twitter followers and is very active on both Rainbow Six and Rainbow Six Pro League SubReddit. 

Impressions on his Twitter account @FreshR6S regularly exceed 1,000,000 per month. Fresh has approximately 9,000 profile visits to his Twitter per month. 

Discord server with over 100 members.

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Contact Details

Jack "Fresh" Allen

Professional Rainbow Six analyst and blogger.

Professional UK Tax expert - providing services across esports

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