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1 Change to every Rainbow Six attacker that could happen in 2020

Firstly, happy new years to everyone who reads my blog, thank you for your support thus far, I look forward to whats to come!

I got bored over the new years and came up with a list of 1 change every attacker in Rainbow Six could see in 2020 - including an explanation why. These changes are 95% meme - so please keep that in mind.


Sledge - Decrease time taken to put the Sledge Hammer away after destruction

This is often quite an annoying one. Sledging into somewhere only for you to not actually have a gun up and available to use. I'd like the hammer to be put away quicker so sledge feels a little bit better to use.

Thatcher - Remove L85A2 leaving with only AR33 or shotgun

Thatcher is strong, too strong in certain situations. I'd like to make him a little weaker by removing the gun from his loadout that most people use. AR33 is still a very strong gun so wouldn't be a huge change

Ash - Remove stun grenades and replace with smokes

Ash is a run and gun operator, she can still choose to do that with smokes enabled, she just can't flash for herself in this scenario. It adds layers that she would also have smokes for an execute or to still burn ADS.

Thermite - Give frag grenades instead of stun grenades

Stun grenades are only useful for removing ADS, I'd like to see Fragmite back in his full glory with frag grenades, allow him to play more aggro.

Twitch - Allow drone to jump and also remove ACOG from the F2

Here me out on this one, Twitch is strong at the minute but only because her gun is so good, nothing to do with utility. So I would nerf the gun by removing the ACOG, I'd then allow the drone to jump so that it can be put in more creative places.

Montagne - Increase speed to 2/2 but remove all ADS ability, hipfire only

Montagne is pretty terrible - I like him this way rather than the way he used to be, however I think it would be interesting to see him be faster and more mobile for team co-ordinated pushes at a penalty of not being able to ADS.

Glaz - revert to being able to see through smokes easily, but BIG kick between shots

This would make Glaz players skill need to increase, as they would have to hit headshots or e very good with the recoil kick. Think a recoil kick similar to the Kaid/Nomad pistol.

Fuze - Reduce the sound of placing the charge - about half of what it is now

Fuze is too easily countered in an elo above Silver. I'd make him quieter, but not to a ridiculous point where it can't be heard at all. If within 1/2m of the charge should hear it .

IQ - take claymore off her, give her stuns. Increase range of her scanner

Stuns means added risk to IQ which would be a good thing. Either needing to burn ADS for people or be aggressive with them herself. Scanner feels a little weak in any play apart from comp (she's already strong in comp anyway)

Blitz - Revert running animation back to old, exposing his head

Blitz became more annoying with the ADS update because he doesnt peek anymore he just flashes and knifes you. Id quite like when he sprints for his head to be on show again so you can kill him.

Hibana - Allow Hibana to rotate the angle of the charges.

Not really sure why on this one, just think some vertical holes would be nice.

Capitao - FOV is now 60 when Capitao is played.

He has an eyepatch and one eye, theres no way he's seeing 90 FOV.

Blackbeard - Claymore instead of stuns

Allow him to cover his own run out.

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Buck - reduce skeleton key damage (hard to kill people), increase ammo count

Buck is too good, he needs a nerf and this would be it. Allow him more soft breach but make it hard to kill people with his shotgun.

Dokkaebi - All phones ring, even the dead ones.

It doesn't make sense that Dokk only rings active phones, she should ring all phones. If someone died next to me, their phone wouldn't stop working in real life. This would create a doubt factor for attackers and give her a slight nerf.

Zofia - 1 stun, 1 impact in her launcher.

Zofia literally renders Jager useless now, say theres a castle barricade with a jager device infront, she can tank the ADS twice and breach the castle barricade on her own. She needs a nerf.

Ying - revert the changes so you hold for delayed and just throw for instant.

Ying is frustrating to use right now, she was fine the way she was.

Jackal - remove the angled grip on C7E

He can ADS way too fast and that gun is the second best attacker gun behind F2. Its a laser, with high damage and insanely fast ADS times.

Nomad - 2 Airjabs

Nomad can effectively on every single map hold a full rotate on 3 staircases. Or 3 different jump outs. Combine that with 2 great guns, a sniper pistol and soft breaching. She's the best attacker on the game in my opinion. Needs a slight nerf.

Maverick - Reduce canister size, so he can get 1 hatch + a tiny little bit.

Maverick is too versatile at the minute.

Lion - make proximity based

To both Lion and the defender. Say a 15m radius, if you hear the lion charge you know he's close.

Finka - Make Finka's ability to only add HP.

Don't mess with recoil nor sound - its so loud whenever people pop a Finka. Give her a better gun also, the russian guns aren't fun to play and the ACOG is a bit wobbly.

Gridlock - gadget sound reduction

You can conceal a plant with a gridlock sound, that shouldn't happen.

Nokk - Give frag grenade in place claymore

I'd like to see Nokk be aggressive and a form of an entry. At the minute she's an impact operator.

Amaru - Reduce time to draw gun after using ability

I wrote a blog post about issues with Amaru here. However shes frustrating to use at times because you can't draw gun to challenge defenders.

Kali - Make 1 speed

Currently a bit fast and too easy to move around with her.


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