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3 Quality of Life changes I want to see

Let me preface this by saying that there are likely much more important issues to deal with that are much more obvious, cheaters, client sided debris and DDOS for example. These are big big problems that I don't want to be ignored, but below I give my idea for 3 fixes that in my opinion are quick and *could* make the game much better.

1) Continuous drone viewing

This one is pretty simple, allow an action within preparation phase, that allows the user to stay on their drone instead of having to spawn in and then re load the drone up.

The reason that this would be a fantastic quality of life change is that many defenders wait until 0 seconds on the timer to hit the barricades for a spawnpeek. When the 0 seconds come there is a short time frame where the sound can't be heard and thus gives an advantage to the defender in that the attackers don't audibly hear this happening.

It would also allow players to continuously maintain the room the drone is in without it moving. Lets say there is a drone watching Server stack on bank - or in Dining on Oregon watching the small tower hallway. Currently a defender can take advantage of the fact that nobody is on drones for a second or so (whether this be unintentionally or not), leading to potential miscalls. Continuous droning eradicates that.

2) Balancing operators via gun switches

I don't really know of a game that does this and I know that for authenticity purposes this is a huge no no! But hear me out.

In the developer notes each season there are familiar faces in each of the categories - Jager in the Overpicked section, Castle in the Underpicked/Too Weak section.

Now say that for balancing purposes these two swapped guns, castle became a 2/2 with an amazing gun and good utility, Jager became a 3/1 with an mediocre gun and good utility. Those two would almost certainly meet in the middle somewhere near smoke.

Ideally every operator wants to be clustered within this badly drawn square. Some strong, some weaker and more situational. If the above change mentioned pulled Jagers pick rate down and Castles pick rate up - it would be a start to achieving this without messing around with any of the other variables you can balance with.

My proposed defensive changes

Please keep in mind the above when thinking about these changes

  • Castle - drops UMP and receives Jagers Carbine

  • Jager - drop Carbine and receives UMP

  • Kapkan - now has FMG 9

  • Lesion - now has MPX

  • Warden - now has Lesions gun (sorry don't know name from top of my head)

  • Doc & Rook losing ACOG - instead Tachankas SMG now has ACOG.

My proposed attacker changes
  • Fuze - now has Jackals assault rifle

  • Jackal - now has Fuze's LMG

  • Finka - now has G36C

  • Ash - gets Finkas AR with ACOG

  • Capitao - drops LMG and receives a shotgun as secondary

  • Blackbeard - drops AR so that only has DMR

  • Ying - picks up Blackbeards AR

These are just proposed changes to freshen things up, changing combinations around and making some operators less frustrating to play against and others more fun to play. It is something that could VERY easily be tested on TTS during the season, to see what feels overpowered or not. In my opinion, seeing more Kapkan and less Jager is something I would personally welcome. It may even spice up some of the competitive META.

3) Allow map bans in ranked

This wouldn't have to mirror Pro League/Comp ways of doing it. I've already argued extensively as to why the competitive playlist should only have the current competitive map pool in it, however assuming that change does not take place - I'd like to see the following:

There are currently 12 maps in the ranked playlist - Bank, Border, Clubhouse, Coastline, Consulate, Oregon, Kafe, Kanal, Villa, Chalet, Outback, Skyscraper

What I would like to see is 7 maps taken out randomly by the game, leaving 5 remaining. I'd then like the option for each team to vote to remove a map each until there is 1 map remaining. The team that gets the first ban, would also then get choice of starting side.

I can't imagine this is a hard mechanic to build into the game at all and it would actually appease so many people .Lots of people hate playing Chalet, Skyscraper and Outback - lots also equally love them.

If no bans were chosen by the team to remove - it would be a random pick. If a team didn't choose a starting side, it would randomly pick.

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