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3 reasons why you should watch CCS R6W

CCS R6 Womens League returns for week 2 on Wednesday 25th September

What is CCS R6W?

CCS stands for Cyberathlete Championship Series. Exclusive only to Rainbow Six Siege, they are the largest community driven league with Season 4 of CCS having a $10k prizepool for each North America and Europe.

CCS and Jess Bolden (ex Penta Coach) - collaborated on a project to create a female-only league to provide an entry, develop and showcase women in Rainbow Six Siege. I see this as a two-fold vision;

  1. To enhance the highly skilled women players already in/around the competitive/high elo scene

  2. To allow the more casual women playerbase a safe space and opportunity to try their hand at competitive siege/esports

The CCS R6W plays every Wednesday and fixtures/results can be followed on their official twitter account

Who's Involved?

There are some familiar faces involved with CCS R6W as far as the casters go, for EU its the duo of Sternab & Jess. In NA its the duo of TyTangles and Azaraki.


The community reaction to the announcement and backlash - from a small but vocal section - was actually appalling. Especially for something that doesn't directly affect most of the people that were saying bad things about the league concept as a whole. I can write all day about the controversy and why CCS R6W is actually a really really good thing that the Siege community desperately needs, however I can't articulate the reasons why quite as well as Interro.

Interro streamed his renowned 'Bang-On' show - shortly before the CCS R6W kicked off. In the VOD of this particular Bang On he covers CCS, plus many other issues within R6. If you're unsure if you support CCS R6W, I advise you to be as neutral as you can and watch this VOD.

3 Reasons Why

So if I haven't already convinced you why you should watch this fantastic concept league, then here are 3 very specific reasons;


Unsurprisingly for me, the games were of high quality. Of course there is quite a skill gap between some of the players, as previously mentioned there are some of the girls are experienced and know the game inside out, some don't but want to try playing the game at a competitive level.

The technical/mechanical skill may not match Pro League, but the strategy of the teams - some with analysts and coaches - can be seen clearly. The quality of the games will only go up and up as we move on the league, with more teams counter analysing each other, developing more strategies and scrimming them more and more.

I'm personally encouraged and excited by the quality of the week 1 games.


CCS is an established league - having ran 4 seasons previously in both NA and EU - however it is still only a Community League operated on a limited budget, clearly by people who care lots about the game.

Sternab and Jess had a fantastic chemistry and I'm excited any time I see those two casting together. The production value of the observing and actual production is akin to, or even above, many national league productions - which made the CCS stream a very enjoyable viewing experience.


I don't feel like I need to repeat my anger at some of the community and their comments about the CCS R6W, however I do want to preach. If you, fundamentally agree with CCS R6W but make a choice not to watch it when you could, you aren't doing everything you can to support it.

esports and gaming are inherently sexist - this is something a lot of people, including myself are trying to change. Whether that be from stopping someone in a ranked game from harassing a female player through to supporting a segregated league like CCS R6W - we need to be doing everything in our power to support making gaming and esports a much better place for women to be a part of.

In week 1 the EU stream of CCS averaged 738 viewers with a peak viewership of 940. In NA the stream averaged 830 and peaked at 1,050. I implore you to watch the league on Wednesday, lets try and get both streams over 1,000 average viewers.

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