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3 Things I learned from Rainbow Six last night

Good morning - so this post isn't really about the game/mechanics/operators within Rainbow Six, but more about the community and the pro side. I'll jump right in!

Context & Trust are important

Now whilst I'm far from a big name in the community, I'm reasonably well known within the esports side of the community, especially within the UK. For context of why I'm saying this, its because a content creator was 'outed' last night with screenshotted DM's that were of a sexual nature. The person that outed him, as far as I can tell doesn't have involvement within the Siege community and was tagging everyone he could to create some kind of outrage culture.

The reason I can empathise with the creator is that the context of these messages was completely and deliberately hidden, the creator himself then providing screenshots of DMs that appear to show that the day before, there was mutual engagement in 'sexting'. So the context of the person that outed him, making him out to be some kind of sexual harasser appears to be wrong.

Context is so important, the other day I tweeted that I had lost my job (as I did lose my day job to redundancy) and I had like 10 DMs within minutes asking why I'd been kicked from G2...

Trust here, is very important though, because the creator clearly understood that what he was doing was both abstract and immoral. Therefore should he choose to pursue that kind of enjoyment, he needed to trust that the other party would keep their word and not share anything - which they have cleared shared.

Any lessons that can be learned from this are, if you're big/recognised in the community or you have something to lose, then be very careful with your behaviour and who/how you talk to people. The whole situation is actually a mess because some guy that nobody has ever heard of has leaked it to the internet, neither party are coming out of it looking good.

EU Pro League is nuts

By the way, EU Pro League happened last night (as did NA but I haven't watched it yet). Looking at the standings, we have our current Pro League champions bottom of the pile on 4 points and literally everyone else from Empire on 10 points to Vitality on 6 points.

EU is comfortably 6/7 of the best 10 teams in the world right now in my opinion. I think if you were making an all star league and picking 10 teams from all regions, you'd have 6 EU teams, 2 NA teams (TSM + DZ), 2 LATAM teams (FaZe + Liquid).

We started off last night with BDS dismantling ForZe on Kafe, something I'm sure a lot of people noticed was ForZe persistence in sticking the top floor defence and actually being countered very well by a BDS very comfortable on Maverick. When ForZe came to attack, they then struggled hugely - not utilising Maverick in the same way as BDS

G2 got on their Rocket Ship last night, playing some of the best siege we've seen in a while for 5 rounds, it was emphatic of how they did it vs NaVi last time and boy oh boy did history nearly repeat itself. At 5-0, G2 threw a 5v3 scenario to lose the round, then losing the subsequent 3 defensive rounds which really gave G2 fans a racing pulse, before it was eventually closed out 7-4. NaVi are a strange one, I have no idea what is going on there but I hope now they're shifting focus to throw everything at Invitational as they can still make huge waves internationally.

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Immediately following G2 game was Empire vs Chaos on Bank. Now I hate Bank as a map, because statistics might tell you one thing but the way it plays out is completely different. I'd love to see over all of Pro League what map had the highest % draw rate, I'd have thought that its likely Bank. Bank is horrendous that its got 1 ridiculously defender sided site and 3 'off' sites that it could be argued are attacker sided. Whilst this makes it dynamic, it makes it mundane too. Chaos got to the split 3-3 on defence, which is expected and then couldn't capitalise on opportunities, a golden one was when Sha77e gets a beautifull double kill in Garage and clears the long angle to default plant spot but his teammates weren't close to even take server and go for that plant.

Finally, Rogue absolutely demolished Vitality on Border. Now, I know everyone will say "why Border". So I just wanted to elaborate on that - generally Vitality like Bank + Villa + Kafe is what I'd say are their best 3 off the top of my head. I'd then lump Clubhouse + Border as next best with Coast + Consulate being the less favoured. Villa + Club were autobanned for this fixture and assuming Rogue would ban Bank + Kafe, that gave Vitality a choice of Coast, Consulate or Border. So I completely see why Border was the map, unfortunately I think they lost the ban phase via autobans, or credit to Rogue for winning it, either way, I didn't think Vitality win on those 3 maps mentioned. Back to the game and it was indeed, a demolition, pretty rough stuff to watch.

NA is shaping up absolutely how everyone expected

Lets be honest here, before the season started a lot of people were expecting the following

  • TSM & DZ to both be nuts and run away as top 2

  • SSG & REC to be not far behind them

  • There bottom 4 teams would be LG, E United, Tempo and EG

Now the table looks as follows:

TSM and DarkZero are sweeping teams aside at the minute and I personally can't wait for round 7 when they play eachother. Its sure to be the best NA game this season.

I haven't watched NA yet so can't comment on the matches but the results certainly are shaping up to form the opinions a lot of people had.

Tempo haven't looked bad, getting rounds but ultimately have 0 wins and 1 draw so far.

EG bet the weaker team they faced so far (LG) and then lost vs any team that is expected to be above them, being TSM, DZ, SSG and REC. I can see why theres speculation about them making changes.

E United have only managed a positive result vs Tempo, although they did pick up a result against SSG last night which is interesting, I'm excited to watch that back.

Finally LG have shown some promise, with varying results. They're being consistently inconsistent at the moment. They could definitely turn it around and make a real push going forward.


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