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5 People that add value to the Rainbow Six community

The Rainbow Six community is an interesting one, often one that is relatively drama free and quite a nice place to be a lot of the time. Of course I am generalising here, there are people at each end of the scale.

Today I'm going to focus on 5 people that I look up to in the Rainbow Six Siege community, tell you what they're about, why I look up to them and where you too, can follow them. Engaging with these people will enhance your outlook and experience within Rainbow Six.

In no particular order:


Eric 'Reaper' Nohl is a German Rainbow Six coach, having most recently worked with the Rogue (NA) lineup. Previous to that he worked with Mock-it before the roster was sold to Natus Vincere.

Reaper has a wonderful questioning mind - he makes Youtube videos breaking down round, methodoligies and statistics - he has a lot of insight from his time with the Pro League rosters he was on with provides the average viewer with a unique perspective.

You can check reaper out using the links below:




Ace of Pyrite

Ace is a UK based Rainbow Six caster, recognised also as a Ubisoft star player alongside his wingman, XRTROIKA.

Ace is a tremendously talented and well prepared caster. I'm a stats geek and I know for a fact Ace is too (hope he doesn't mind me stating that). This comes acorss whenever you listen to Ace cast, he has well informed opinions, supported by statistics that he himself collects.

This was especially true of Challenger League. Firstly, big props to the whole UK scene and the people behind the organisation to get every Challenger League match live and casted on the R6 UK and BNL channels. Secondly, ace produced Infographics every week, summarising his data collected to add value and create interest in Challenger League.

On top of that, Ace is also involved in the Enough is Enough. A project that aims to help people get better at Rainbow Six.(P.S - Upload more plz!). Finally Ace is a very reliable and trustworthy Thermite main in the Ranked stack, he drones, he doesn't get flustered and is a reliable cornerstone that every team needs!





Parker 'Interro' Mackay is a Rainbow Six Pro League caster - based currently out of Katowice, Poland - where the Pro League is produced from.

The reason Interro makes this list isn't because of his casting talent, of which he has absolutely plenty, its because of his "Bang On" series on Twitch and his general interactions with the R6 community - addressing not only problems in game, but also social, economic and political issues right across the world.

Parker also appears on multiple podcasts, engages directly with Reddit and Twitter and generally uses his platform for the greater good, raising awareness of issues and discussing them. He wears his heart on his sleeve over a lot of issues and generally, as you'd expect from someone who has a politics background, has a very elegant way of talking about the issues at hand.

Generally, Parker will enhance anyones experience within the R6 community and provides balanced and thought provoking conversations, should you wish to engage in that also.



Lonnie Lightning

The world needs more Lonnie Lightnings. I'm quite proud with this one as I've known Lonnie since before he blew up on Twitch - having met him when he joined Horus Esports as a streamer late June/early July.

Lonnie is a Twitch streamer and is known for his pure entertainment value, he calls his stream the Thunderdome and its known for his quick witted remarks. Recently Lonnie has been excelling - even having to move his stream set up into an office building!

A creator representing the brand Slaughterhouse - Lonnie's streams are fairly NSFW with references being made to various things that fall into that category, although all of it harmless and never too dark.

Lonnie has a youtube too:

You can keep up to date with Lonnie here




Get Flanked

Flanked is a person that I respect for his intentions to link the casual playerbase alongside the competitive scene. He recently ran the "Hotbreach Podcast" alongside Rogue 9 and Prodigio Pete, although that has now since stopped - which is a real shame I might add.

Flanked is a Youtuber, known for his mainly casual oriented videos around improving gameplay, operator guides and that kind of stuff. He also has/had a series called the Pro and the Potato which I really enjoyed especially, in these series he would put on a game that the pro who was on that video had played in and then basically just chat to them about all things siege, it was a really nice way at seeing some different side to the pro players and also very insightful of the mix between the two worlds (casual and comp).

He likes to thought provoke on his twitter and also represents DarkZero esports as a content creator, another thing that helps him try to bridge the gap between the two communities.




5 more??

The people below also add lots of value to the R6 community and you should definitely check them out:

Velly - runs the "on the flank" podcast on Twitch

Meaty Marley - one of the biggest siege Youtubers right now, he's absolutely hilarious.

Caliber Jacob - another Youtuber, very new to the scene but equally very informative and well worth a follow

Mzo - I didn't know this until recently, Mzo also has a blog and covers all sorts of topics all relating to siege

Sternab - helps with CCS, CCSW, Challenger League and also has some amazing blueprints


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