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5 things I want to see in 2020 - Rainbow Six

Firstly, in what is very likely my last blog post of 2019 - I'd like to thank every single person that contribute to my journey in Rainbow Six Siege this year. I've had a wild ride (as noted here) and its set to continue into 2020/ Thank you for reading my blog and participating in objective discussion, may that long continue. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

On that note, I am looking for potential advertising partners that are Rainbow Six Siege/esport related to advertise in my content in 2020 - Please email


2020 promises to be a fantastic year for Rainbow Six Siege. We already have news that there will be Pro League XI starting 6th Jan (EU). Onto the Invitational, where we will likely crown a new winner, unless G2 are given the Invitational spot (Should G2 receive the direct invite?)

From the Invitational, we will find out where we're heading for Season XI finals. We know that Season XI will have no relegations and that we're moving up to 10 teams across EU/NA.

There are, however, 5 things that I'd like to see Rainbow Six/Ubisoft implement within 2020 to make changes for the better for the whole community:


Streaming in Rainbow Six Siege is HARD. You either have to be VERY entertaining (think Lonnie Lightning ) or a VERY good player (Think Pengu/Spoit). The reason that Siege is a hard game to stream is the long time spent in menu's, dead etc. Siege is ultimately a slower game with less action and that makes a hard viewer experience.

There is a secondary problem that streamers are often subject to significant griefing - mostly via stream/que sniping by individuals. Also there are a significant amount of cheaters at high elo - which isn't a good look for the game in streams.

Streamsniping - for those that don't know what this is - is where you are in a game as a streamer and someone on the enemy team opens your stream in real time and therefore takes information for free about your team setup/locations etc. In a game where information is everything, its extremely hard to win vs streamsnipers.

Quesniping - this is where people deliberately search for a ranked game at the same time the streamer does, in hope of getting matched either with or vs the streamer with the intention of ruining their game. Quesniping usually results in the offender also streamsniping.

There are many community suggestions from top streamers to counter this kind of stuff - see below:


^ King George

I'd like - in 2020 - for Ubisoft/R6 to listen to the people most affected by these and test some changes. Whenever big streamers try out Rainbow Six - they're often subjected to griefers/streamers/toxicity. If we can somehow counter this, the overal community may well grow and it would be a huge QOL changes for streamers in particular.


Lesion needs a nerf, I'm not having any arguments here whatsoever.

I wrote a huge blog post about it HERE ( 10 reasons why Lesion needs a nerf)

However I will summarise my ideas to nerf as follows:

1) Nerf the flexibility

What I mean by this is that Lesion is super super flexible being a 2/2 with impacts and a great gun.

If you either nerfed his gun into oblivion (think Ela's gun nerf) or you made him a 3 armor 1 speed, you would force him to be played in a much more specific situational way.

The way I see that type of nerf playing out is that Lesion would stay much more anchor heavy and the Gu Mines would be on entry to the site, which is actually fine when you think about it because having a general idea of where they are makes them much more manageable.

2) Nerf the gadget

  • Reduce to 6 with 1 being available upon prep phase ending, then 1 mine every 30 seconds.

  • Make them more opaque (visible)

  • Reduce the sound of them being hit and completely eliminate the sound of the attacker removing them


This isn't a dig at anyone for anything - firstly and foremost.

The OGA PIT observing, was nothing short of spectacular and I believe that the Pro League Challenger league observing should follow this.

  • Pick phase - Show operators picked

  • Reveal phase - Show scoreboard (as reveal phase to the viewer is an extension of pick phase)

  • 6th pick phase - Show the 6th pick, don't show scoreboard

  • Prep phase - 45 seconds, show 5 seconds of each defensive operator at the start of the round so viewers/casters/analysts can see loadout. Final 20 seconds show top down view of overall setup.

  • Action phase - 3 minutes. Show 5 seconds of each attacking operator so loadouts can be seen. Remaining 2 minutes and 35 seconds left to do normal observing


Our observing, at times, is difficult to watch - we sometimes see the whole pick/reveal phase and then have to look at a scoreboard for the whole of prep phase - this doesn't lead to a good viewer experience all in all.

Ubisoft could actually help here with more tools for spectators - give more slots so that productions can have 3/4 observer slots, meaning that a scoreboard can permanently be shown on a private feed for Casters etc.


I'm all for creativity and creating your own game/doing it your own way. But many games - and esports - do things in a much better, more efficient way than Rainbow Six does and it shows.

Im a huge lover of Rocket League and in another post I'll go over the 20 things I think Siege could learn from Rocket League. But there are also other titles, LoL, Battle Royale games and so on that Siege could really learn from, heres a few that I like.

  • Overwatch - the constant updating and changing of the "fun" games. Siege could have these special event modes in the game constantly as "fun games"

  • Rocket League - Solo que/group que playlists with different ranks/rewards based off each playlsit

  • LoL - ranking up/down mechanism

Its not a shame to admit someone else does something very well and that you are also going to do it that way. If it makes the game better, who cares?


This is possibly the most frustrating thing in the game. Client side literally can make or break a gunfight/whole round/possibly a match.

Thats not good for the integrity of the game in my opinion. There are other issues but I think this one is in every high level players top 5 issues.

When you punch a window, the wood should fall out, it doesn't and that makes things hard a lot of the time.

I understand these issues take time, and to be patient etc etc, however the allocation of resources at Ubisoft seem misaligned as they don't appear to understand that players prioritise a healthy game above all else.


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