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Firstly - thank you to everyone who's supported me. I really do appreciate it. I live life by accepting the praise and criticism of those close to me, whom I respect, and ignoring the praise and criticism of those who I do not.

So - recently - I've taken a fair bit of slander on social media. I don't actually give the time of day to people who would rather take cheap comments on social media than sort any problem they have by messaging me directly. However I wanted to respond and explain the reasons why some people may have had that perception of me. I don't want anyone having a perception of me that is wrong.

I was recently accused of having an ego by predicting landslide losses in the opening week of UK Premiership Winter Season, that then compounded by similar comments when I said that one particular UK Prem team wouldn't win again and that they "weren't really a UK Prem team".

Firstly, I'd like to address that on social media, I'm generally attempting to be quite witty, controversial at times and I like to poke fun. This is apparent if you see my interactions with Sam (Hawk). I poke fun at everyone and anyone, from Dezachu's hair through to Affy flexing on me that he's a T2 analyst. For a lot of people, its quite obviously poking fun.

Some people however clearly can't understand the sentiment of sarcasm/humour that I try and promote in my tweets, I'm always direct in my approach and never generally mean a lot of stuff I say. For example, I can confirm that I do respect and appreciate Dez's pefect hair - even if I did spend approx 13 hours banned from RainbowSix_UK from Dezachu modding me for having a laugh about his haircut.

The humour could, however, have been construed as outright disrespect - for example predicting a team to lose 7-0 or saying "they're not a prem team". Which I understand - I might have actually completely missed the mark and as a result of that, given people an impression of me that simply isn't true. If that's you, please reach out and get in touch with me, I'll explain what I did and why I did it.

As a more general overview, I have been having a rough time recently. My dad had a very concerning period in his life with mental health. I live in a different country to my dad and actually, trying to co-ordinate my whole family was distressing and difficult to do. When I have something like that happen, I often turn to humour. This may have been a source of some things being said that I thought we're clearly humour but might not have been.

For those interested, after a really difficult two/three weeks - my dad is stable and has been released from hospital after being diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. Theres still a long road left for us but I am glad that we're largely through the scary unknown phase.

Secondly, as far as analysis goes, when people were indirect tweeting me for what I said - a lot of comments were "Yes but what's Fresh done". Which is a fair point.

I claim to have a back to back Invitational winning Coach as a reference. I obviously also have Kix as a reference. Having those type of people in my corner and also having so blatantly put what I have in my recent LFT posts (Example work etc) projected confidence.

I am confident that I have the ability and personality to be the best Rainbow Six analyst - I don't however at all believe I am anywhere near the best and every team I've worked with, all I've wanted to do is learn more and improve my processes.

People have confidently spoken highly of me and raved about me, which I am thankful for. I don't however go on social media to rave about how good an analyst I am - instead I actually prefer to work on being a good analyst myself and improve myself. As far as I understand, thats not me carrying an ego.

Just for reference for those interested (or unaware)

Team SleepY - I worked on the project team alongside Kix, Liven, Kaktus, Janixs, Tord and Noob.

Horus Esports - I worked in T3 for a short while post SleepY in order to learn more about what teams do/don't do at T3 and gear myself up to progress up through T2 and eventually into T1

Freelance - this is the part where I don't think people understand what I've done - I have worked freelance for multiple teams to support the existing support set up when timelines get tight, for example at tournaments such as Dreamhacks or Allied Vegas Minor. Sometimes coaches are overwhelmed and don't necessarily like to admit it and therefore I worked freelance in order to assist them.

I don't claim to be the most knowledgeable, the most skilled at analysis or anywhere near the best - I'm just me, trying to work my way through and get by.


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