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Amaru should have been a defender

Okay... So hear me out first before you dismiss this!


Amaru is a 2 speed, 2 armour attacker that possesses a zipline gadget to allow her to navigate the maps fast and in a creative way, allowing her up hatches and into/onto areas that are otherwise difficult to access, with relative speed.

Amaru however has seen very little to no play in most competitive matches, she also see's little to no play in Ranked also. In terms of the operator matrix that will be released at the end of this season, I believe that actually she will be in the bottom left - Underpowered and Underpicked.

This is due to the fact that in almost every scenario, her utility is sub par to literally anything else on the attacking lineup. Her utility has primarily been used for fast area control, once she has used that in the first 30 seconds of the round there is almost no use for her.

I want to caveat that by saying I'm thinking of high level ranked/competitive play here, not Silver level ranked. Amaru can be crazy fun in low ranks or casual, as people don't expect her and you can literally go up hatches to the middle of site and get free kills.

The only window that she can get in that no other attacker can get in, is the Trophy window on Chalet. Whilst this is strong, its also not, as I go through her issues:


I also want to caveat this, I would much rather have a weak, underpowered Amaru than a broken operator. Although it doesn't mean that she can't be balanced.


So you have an LMG that is disliked by a lot of people (Although it is quite strong), plus a shotgun as a primary. A shotgun as a secondary plus also an SMG-11.

For me these guns don't make sense - its like Amaru was just given whatever gun they want people to play more, in this case the G8A1. For me I would have liked to have seen her with something a bit more mobile, continuing the theme of having an SMG on attackers (as Nokk did). I would have loved to see Amaru get something like the P10-Roni, something high fire rate and mobile rather than a huge LMG.

A shotgun has to be equipped every time you use Amaru, which means you're either going with your primary gun of SMG-11 or G8A1 to use for combat and the shotgun for mainly navigation -although the Supernova can hit like a truck! Most will go for the G8A1 + ITA125 (Miras shotgun) set up, which in my opinion doesn't lend itself at all to the vision of Amaru

The Rappel

Right so there are a few issues with the rappel that I think make Amaru weak. As follows:

  • The glass breaks as soon as the gadget is initiated - often leading to people that are close to said window just peeking it and killing Amaru before she is in the building.

  • It is very loud - I think this a good thing generally as it would be the most frustrating thing on the game if silent, but the loudness certainly alerts everyone on the map.

  • There is a long delay between entering the window or hatch and actually being able to move your character - this leads to a LOT of deaths, which is fine but a frustrating mechanic all the same

2 Speed

Amaru is a 2 speed operator thats designed around creative movement. But actually the way her gadget plays out, she is being used for fast area control to create attacking pressure and take picks before the defence has set their defence up. This means that she would benefit significantly from being a 3 speed.

Lack of creative navigation

There are a lot of places that Amaru cannot navigate. I don't want to write an extensive list but places like onto balconies inside the map or the one that comes to mind is on Coastline you can't zip-line up from Garden/Bottom Square to VIP corridor, even though this is a common vault down.


Amaru's ability should lie with the idea that she can navigate the maps in creative ways that nobody else can navigate. Unfortunately there is only one scenario on one map in the pool where this is actually the case for attackers - which is Chalet Trophy Window.

I suppose you could add in all hatches that she can go up too but this is not realistic at high level play. Mostly she is used to be on the roof fast rather than in bottom floor fast and up a random hatch.

The reason that she is weak is that attackers can rappel on most windows, they are also not detected when outside (obviously). This means that realistically attackers have pretty much any freedom of rotate to whichever side of the map they want in a matter of 20 seconds most.

Defenders however, on a lot of maps only have 1 or 2 ways of rotating, particularly when going between floors. Particularly when rotating up for retake scenarios. I accept that all defenders can easily rotate down through hatches.

Bank basement - 2 staircases to rotate up

Bank mid floor - 3 staircases to rotate up

Border - 2 staircases to rotate up

Coastline - 2 staircases to rotate up

Clubhouse basement - 2/3 staircases to rotate up

Consulate basement - 3 staircases [fine]

Consulate mid floor - 3 staircases [fine]

Kafe bottom floor - 3 staircases [fine]

Kafe middle floor - 2 staircases to rotate up

Villa middle floor - 3 staircases [fine]

Now for specific maps, retaking is basically impossible. Especially given attackers can hold just two sets of stairs with the following things:

  • Nomad

  • Gridlock

  • Drone

  • A player holding the angle

  • Claymore

Think of Coastline, for example on a Kitchen defence, once the attackers take top floor they can literally never be retaken from the stairs as it is just so easy to hold with the multiple ways mentioned above. This makes that site weak to a co-ordinated attack

Imagine if a defender was then Amaru, they could rotate up any of the 4 hatches (Aqua, Hookah, Luggage or Penthouse) or rotate up the VIP corridor from garden, to challenge and retake.

This would allow a new dynamic element to defences which also at the same time would only allow the retake to be 1 defender rather than a number of attackers. It would be weak also in the fact that attackers would still hear the zipline etc, it would just allow that 1 defender to have creative rotations/escapes. (Another one I just thought of was on Oregon, outside of classroom and ziplining up into Dorms, or outside of garage window and up into armory).

Problems with Amaru being a defender

Lets be honest, everyone's thinking "let me get on the roof" - which again I wouldn't be totally against. How many people in ranked in particular just sit on the roof holding boring angles, it would be nice to get up there and just finish the round.

I would make the gadget limited use (twice overall) and if a defender entered the roof, it would be instant detection, rather than a warning then detection. Finally I would set the gadget so it can only be used after 30 seconds of the round starting to take away the fast zip-line up the roof and spawn peeks.

How to buff Amaru (assuming she's still an attacker)

I don't think this is urgent/needed. As previously stated I would much rather have a weaker Amaru than a ridiculously overpowered one. I would quite like her to get a different gun to the G8A1 - as suggested I think the Roni would sit nicely, or even the MP7.

I would also like the time to challenge (I've just decided thats what its called for Amaru - TTC) to be much shorter to allow her to actually challenge a defender up on entrance to the building. Depending on the zip-line time Amaru can be without any guns for over 6/7 seconds which is a LOT of time for defenders to prepare and take advantage in that fight.


A bit of outside of the box thinking from me, and a bit of fun. I don't expect it to be taken seriously, I just don't think Amaru was anywhere near as effective as she could have been as a defender.

I know that theres no way she will be moved to a defender from an attacker given balancing and all that fun stuff - it was just an idea I had. I do think she's in a weak place though, literally anything (even twitch) brings more utility so something should be done.

Maybe her and Kali could swap gadgets, Kali can then zipline wherever to take on very specific lines of sight all over the map and Amaru can be this thatcher 2.0 (As Kali kind of does and doesn't do that).


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