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An interview with Bikini Bodhi

I was lucky enough to be able to grab a short amount of Bikini's time. Today we sat down and had a quick chat/interview about all things Bikini - BOSG ACOG, Last Farewell, Fnatic and more!

Morning Bikini! Thank you for taking the time to have a chat with me, I appreciate you're a busy man. I'd like to start off by asking you about #BOSGACOG - a movement you've started to put an ACOG scope on the BOSG shotgun, why?

Hello there! Thanks for having me!

So, the whole BOSG ACOG thing honestly has been a thing from the very first patch it came out, that we now resurrected. BIG time, first with the Showdown event reminding us the BOSG exists and then with Goyo who’s a 2/2 but has an ACOG just fueled this whole thing.

Besides that, it’s one of those things that the casual audience can ask for to make their experience more enjoyable without really hurting the professional game, which I would say is a fairly rare thing we have.

This isn't your first time calling for change either - your previous campaign to remove the ACOG from Ash was very successful, a change that a lot of people disagreed with back then too! So how is a day in the life of BikiniBodhi? What's your day to day routine?

A lot of people did disagree, but looking over the past year of R4C being ACOGless I think Ash is in a much better spot, and many seem to agree, some even want Twitch’s ACOG gone for the same reason!

I don’t really have a daily routine, I do each day as it comes, some days I will allocate to streaming, others days I get to edit a new video! I don’t take many days off but I’ve been trying to get more freetime lately...

Its a tough balance to make, especially when you stream in addition to Youtube creation. I know the two can go hand in hand, it must take its toll though! Do you have an editor or do you do everything in-house?

It can definitely end up really really stressful, I trialled an editor once, but the final product just ended up something I couldn’t feel right about posting on my channel, so I’ve opted to just be proud about my editing style and the fact it’s unique to the point it’s hard to replicate and keep making them myself.

Thats great! I respect that. If you could change 1 thing (other than BOSG ACOG) about Rainbow Six, what would it be?

Oh wow, that is such a huge question...

I think at the end of the day, I probably would like to slow things down just a little bit, encourage the general audience to use utility/cameras more, less focus on gun/speed when the game is designed that you should pick the gadgets the team needs to work with.

But really I think Siege is honestly in a very good spot for me atm (so good that my focus is adding an ACOG to the worst gun haha). I think I would like new gadgets to have more impact tho, I love the ideas for Nökk/Warden/Amaru but they really did not feel as impactful as new operators used to feel like.

The tides are shifting though........ [edit - we interviewed Pre season reveal.

So I've heard, and seen! So, shifting away from Rainbow Six for the moment - Last Farewell Game? Battle Royale? Do tell me more!

Oh man I can’t wait for people to get their hands on it, I wouldn’t say it’s a Battle Royale, but it definitely has the Royale part influencing it!

We’re making a competitive game where players will be encouraged to work together (or everyone loses) but also trying to go for that -oh so sweet- last man standing.

There are some big quirks we have to work on to make that work, but it’s looking really good so far. It’s a very social game for that reason, so it should also make for great Youtube/streaming content.

Thats great, I can't wait to give it a try! Whats the approximate timeline you're working to?

We’re aiming for the game to be released in Early Access on steam next year.

Before that we will be running a Kickstarter late february/early march!

The whole project sounds fantastic, i'll keep an eye out! Just a couple more - and a couple of congratulations from me. Firstly I know its a while back but congrats on 1,000,000 Youtube subscribers! Secondly congrats on becoming a streamer for FNATIC - what are they like as an org?

Thank you! It’s been pretty crazy hitting these milestones that were wild dreams a few years back!

Joining Fnatic has been awesome, so many great people to work with and I get to join the Fnatic R6S team when they boot camp.

It’s been an amazing experience to see how working as a professional player works, theres so much more to it than what it looks like on surface level.

Also the guys in the Fnatic team are great people, so that’s a big plus!

They're some big achievements, the guys at Fnatic from what I've heard and come to understand run their org in a really effective way. I don't think I've ever heard anything bad about them. So if you were assembling a ranked death stack full of only content creators - who would be in it?

First off Marley & Snedger 100%, they have a tone of experience with Siege, both can gun pretty damn well if they need to. They’ll be our fraggers/roamers.

Then I would probably say me and Macie playing some kind of support roles, Macie is an absolute unit at using utility effectively and communicating well.

For the last spot I wanna give it to Priest, he’s just a super solid player and we can win the psychological game when he slaps players with a controller in game

I would IGL, I love making up new strats and usually it works out fairly well!

Sounds like a winning stacc to me, although good luck with Marley and Snedge! When I played with them Marley is hiding in a corner with Ember Rise on holding a Mira window and Snedge is setting up Tachanka turrets outside to spawnpeek with!

They can play serious if need to! Can they?

Okay so finally - we'll pretty much conclude things there. A double question - would you rather fight a horse sized crab or give ash her acog back? Finally is there anything you'd like to say to all of the people that support you across streaming/Youtube and everything else?

Really the question is ”what monstrosity is worse so which one would I rather fight?”


I would just like to say thanks to everyone who’s been following and interacting with me over the past years and remember - games are about having fun!

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