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An interview with Meaty Marley

I'm fortunate enough to know Meaty Marley very well and speak to him on a regular basis. Today we sat down and had a quick chat/interview about all things Meaty Marley (and by extension - Dom! )

So Mr Marley, thank you for taking the time to sit down with me. How are you on this fine Friday afternoon?

Good day to you Mr Fresh! I'm very well thanks for asking! How are you?

I'm great thank you, Congratulations on reaching 1 million subscribers on YouTube a few weeks back. Your momentum has carried on and you're currently closing in on 2 million fans! Whats your secret?

Thank you so much! Reaching 1 million subscribers still hasn't really settled in my mind, so to think we're somewhat approaching 2 million is ridiculous. As much as I'd love to give out a set recipe for Youtube success to all of the aspiring new channels out there, I'm afraid there really isn't one - "blowing up" on this platform definitely takes some luck in the weird and wonderful Youtube algorithm.

You need patience to get through the grind for sure! I remember putting hours of work in and barely scraping 100 views per video, and feeling like nothing would change, but you just need to keep posting! One thing that I truly feel has helped my channel growth and establishment in general, is truly enjoying the games that I'm creating videos on. I find a lot of creators begin growing whilst uploading Rainbow Six Siege, and quickly fall out of love with the game, only to pursue uploading it to maintain the viewership. I really do take pride in the fact that I still have so much fun recording this game, and I think that shows in mine and Doms content.

Our little group (Me, Dom, Custard) just consists of some guys that love playing Siege. None of the forced laughter or borderline scripted jokes. That content can work, and be amazing to watch! But I'm personally just very happy with my content at the moment and how natural it comes to me and my friends.

I think that's a big point, because if we go way back in your channel you have played various other games. Its clear you, Dom and Custard just play siege for enjoyment and that creates more natural and often hilarious content. Whats a particular highlight or moment for you in terms of content?

Absolutely! And hmm, that's a tough one. There are so many moments in videos I look back on.. Lot's of the goofy gameplay stuff that makes me laugh, and silly moments with friends..

But I think one of the defining points of my growth was a video I posted in May of 2018. Alpha Pack Opening, but for every "common" I show a dropshot. Its not for the obvious reasons, sure the video did well and was the start of my never ending chase for primary black ice, which of course will be continued with another pack opening video soon! But the reason I see this as a particular turning point for me and the channel, is that it was one of the first videos I had posted after transitioning from "meme montage" styled videos, with no commentary and fast paced gameplay edits, into my preferred funny moments style with much more personality involved.

It was one of the first times I had sat and commentated throughout an entire video and stepped out of my comfort zone to get that step closer to my audience. It was also at the exact time I had convinced Dom to get involved and create his channel, during final minute of this video, I promote his channel and show it on screen with just 63 subscribers. I love looking back at this as it's a true reminder of how far he's managed to push himself since that video and how far I've grown since having 170k subs at the time, It also shows me how much confidence I've developed when it comes to recording commentaries like that, as I can personally hear how nervous I was throughout the entire video!

This video definitely seemed to be the turning point for my channel, beginning to focus on more personality based funny moments, being able to help a IRL friend out and becoming the "well known duo" that we are today.

Good stuff! So whats in store for Meaty Marley content-wise for 2020? I still see to this day your emotes all over Twitch, despite not having streamed yourself for around a year. Are you coming back soon?

Haha yeah there are still those incredibly loyal Twitch subs! There will 100% be a return to streaming by, or in 2020. Lot's of boring adulty things to figure out in the real world, but once I've finally moved into a place with more reliable internet, I'll be straight back to streaming! I plan to continue posting Siege videos, as I'm having so much fun with them right now and don't see myself getting bored of it just yet.

Definitely get some kind of stream schedule together once I'm back, and perhaps look at starting a second channel dedicated to stream highlights and random little games. I also think the idea of streaming with a facecam seems much more entertaining, but we'll see!

Who is your favourite operator in Rainbow Six Siege, and why?

Ohhhh baby that is a big question. My favourite operator changes on a weekly basis.

We tend to not choose our operators anymore, it's much more exciting to just sit back and see what random operator the game selects for you, and will often push you out of your comfort zone and you'll find yourself playing operators you wouldn't usually select.

I always have a good time playing Jackal, and that's only for his PDW with a suppressor, usually don't bother with his gadget.

Any 2/3 speed defender with a C4 usually makes for a fun defence round, especially Valkyrie...

"Gotta be able to whip out Juan at any moment!"
Good old Juan! If you could create a 5 man ranked stack of dreams using only content creators - who would make the cut?

Honestly not a big fan of ranked, the dry atmosphere and pressure to win doesn't fit my channel at all! But if you had to throw me in at plat 1, on a diamond rank up match, I'd be bringing Hixcap, AnthonyPit1, Yumi, and Dom, even though he'd end up c4'ing himself somehow?!

That being said, if I had to build a fully sweaty Content Creator God squad , this is where I'd put my money;

  • Beaulo

  • Godly

  • Anthony

  • King George

  • Priest

If I'm putting my money on a ranked stack, I don't wanna be in it!!!

Okay cool. I certainly wouldn't want to come up against that stack! So what do you like to do outside of siege? You and Dom are really good friends in real life right?

Is there Life outside of Siege??

I'm a big car guy, definitely got a passion for nice cars & modifying them. Never really share my cars on the "MeatyMarley" side of things because I don't like the idea of flexing materialistic objects etc... But that's probably my one main hobby aside from gaming.

Me and Dom are best mates in real life and have the same friend group so we end up going for beers together regularly and stuff!

I spend a lot of time with my girlfriend and hilarious bengal cat, Koda. But apart from that, nothing exciting really! Just like many gamers, I spend most of my time at the PC

Thats awesome! Well just to wrap things up I'd like to say thanks for agreeing to having a chat with me - I appreciate you're time as I know you're busy! Any final message you'd like to pass your viewers that are reading this?

No problem at all Fresh! It's been a pleasure.

Obviously a massive thank you to anyone reading this interview that watches the videos! Anyone that might be on the fence about content creation themselves, I beg you push yourself and go for it! Finally also just to any like-minded Siege lovers, have a great day!

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