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An interview with rcuth - MnM Coach #UKMassive

Before the Six Invitational 2020 Closed Qualifier - Lower bracket final - I was able to grab MnM's head coach, rcuth for a quick interview!

Good afternoon my friend - how are you today on the back of such emphatic wins vs two pro league teams last night?

I am doing very well, thank you. We are all still in high spirits after yesterday's games

So how do you mastermind wins vs Pro League teams then? Your team has come out of nowhere and doesn't look like slowing down any time soon!

I think it all comes down to practice.

Since even before UK Prem, we have been grinding daily in order to achieve our goals. I believe this is the reason teams like ForZe, BDS and the first MnM roster (now NaVi) have had such fairytale runs.

Primarily down to the amount of time these teams put into practice.

Also recently we have been scrimming most of the T1 and T2 scene and this also allows us to play comfortably against these teams that we know well from scirms.

Thats great. How much time do you guys put in outside of scrims? Strategic sessions? VOD reviews? Stuff like that?

Due to the players also juggling day jobs and education, we can't put in as much time as we would like to however we are still scrimming once every weekday and double scrimming the weekends.

On top of this, we always meet an hour before scrims to allow time for dry drunning, internal active practising (3v2s / training certain scenarios), and also we practice 5v5s with a specific team about twice a week if we are particularly struggling with certain defenses / attacks (we would play 12 rounds of the same attack / defense and the next time we would let them train theirs)

On top of that, VOD reviews are done individually outside of practice times - often we set teammates to feedback on another teammate's VOD, and then when we have time we also look at specific timestamps from all POVs either before or after scrims.

Overall on top of day jobs and education, the guys put in well over a full time job's worth of work into practice!

And you're reaping the reward! You honestly made Pro League teams look amateur so far this week. Big props to your guys for doing that. Just a little about you, you recently moved to MnM from Orgless? How did that come about?

Well I've actually been extremely close to this MnM roster since it was created, at the time I was with GoSkilla.

Since then I have been working in my own teams, but still remained extremely close to the guys, constantly playing with them before and after our scrims. It was before Challenger League Season X when I saw the potential of this team and how hard they were working, and following the end of CL X, I was unsure about the future of ORGLESS, due to ORGLESS players recieving offers and trials from other teams, and so I made the decision to leave ORGLESS and join MnM. It was a little easier to work with an English speaking team.

By the time I was announced with MnM, I had already been working unofficially with them throughout some of the UK Prem Season. I guess the transition came over quite naturally.

With all this being said, I am still on great terms with ORGLESS, and having played them in scrims and Invi Quals, they will still be a formidable opponent for next CL season.

What are your goals with this team?

CL XI has been the main goal of the team since its creation 7 months ago. Even during the CL X qualifiers, we knew our best shot would be for CL XI.

Over the team's lifespan, it has kept 4 of the 5 players from the starting roster (Nathan being the "new" addition right before Prem, and so the journey for the players has mostly been the same.

CL XI is a must for the team, that's what the team has been working towards from Day One.

With our recent achievements, we have been told to set our sights for PL XII (and yes that is ultimately the plan) but the first stage is CL XI

Yeah of course - CL is a stepping stone. Setting your sights forward to tonight, you play BDS. How prepared are you? How confident are you?

When it comes to this Invitational Qualifier bracket, from the beginning we decided as a team that we have no expectations coming into this event.

As a team we are not afraid to lose in this bracket, because on paper we should be get beaten by all these PL teams, and therefore the pressure is not on us, but it is on the opponents. This mentality is the same mentality for each of our games, especially yesterday versus G2. I think that's one of the reasons we are doing so well - a team with nothing to lose is the scariest team to face, due to us having the confidence to take risks and have the knowledge that we can lose and no-one would expect anything more.

G2 yesterday showed this completely, and today will be the same. If we get 3-0'ed by BDS, we wouldn't care, because BDS, Vitality, Chaos , G2 are all better teams.

We are proud of what we have achieved already, and we have no expectations for today.

You have the whole UK scene behind you! I think even Secret want you to win tonight! The #UKMassive was trending on Twitter I saw earlier. Got anything special lined up for us tonight?

I guess you'll have to wait and see ;)

Cool and composed - I like it! Just like your team are, you seem to be more competent attacking rather than defending, is this something you prefer or just something thats kind of happened?

WIthout revealing much for the future, we prefer to start on Attack

On top of this, we are much more confident on our attacks than most T3 teams due to the our structured style of attack. The team has the ability to not lose focus after a bad split, and more than make up for this in our defences.

Also in the T3 level, the majority of matches won are by the team who starts on Attack, due to them being able to keep themselves composed after a difficult split and move into a more comfortable defensive half

Thats great, I know a lot of people think the reasons why teams get to T1/T2 is their ability to attack. What are the guys over at the MnM Gaming like as an organisation?

Both Kal and Dan are extremely supportive toward us as a team.

The amount of work they put in behind the scenes is amazing. Just following the MnM twitter page, you can just see the quality of the memes they have put out recently

They have a strong meme game indeed - and the final question will be anything to say to the fans? The #UKMassive that are on you with this journey?

I'd just like to say thank you to everyone out there watching our games, and supporting us in the Twitch chat. We are overwhelmed by the amount of support we have received and it motivates us to work harder and achieve more as a team.

#UKMassive #ForTheFlame

You can stay in touch with all of the MnM team by following their Twitter profiles below.








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