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Celebrating creative Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six has an absolutely blessed community. I wanted to recognise some of the creative people that I know about - I'm slightly apprehensive of comments because there are so many creatives that I just don't know about, so when someone says "What about X", I'm sorry for my ignorance in that regard!

For me I've broadly chosen people from the following categories and the choices are actually in no particular order at all.

  • Cosplayers

  • Artists

  • All round

  • Designers


Simon is an affectionately known Graphic Designer who studies in the UK but has international roots. A Ubisoft Star Player in 2019, Simon covers Rainbow Six but has also covered Overwatch and Apex Legends.

Simon cosplays also, having previously cosplayed Frost, IQ Elite, Hibana and even Smoke Elite

Simons art is posted frequently on discord, has a very unique style and is pleasing on the eye. Commissions as a designer are currently closed.


Dippa is a lesser known artist and graphic designer. Commissions are currently open and feature sub badges, profile icons and emotes as per below:

Dippa has a really unique style that is very cartoony and full of character.


Charissa is a US based artist, who makes amazing art with a focus on realism. I feel like this kind of art style is underappreciated, please see below for some amazing pieces.


AreaImprovement - I believe is his username. William has a 1:1 cosplay of Glaz, which is quite possibly the best cosplay I've come across in terms of accuracy. He is new to twitter relatively so you should go drop a follow.


I was recently told about QuickShot, a UK based cosplayer who cosplays the Rainbow Six Siege character Echo. QS really smashes the creative changes that you can make with cosplay in order to create personality. See the take on Echo with a boombox below!

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Ellie will hate me for posting her here, but quickly, she gave me a lot of places to look to find some of these underappreciated people in our creative community.

Ellie also falls into the "all round" category, she is into art and film and has been more project based within the R6 community - as follows:

  • Australian Fire R6 Fundraiser - Ellie was a driving force behind raising over $500 for the Australian fund raiser - you can donate here

  • Presidential Plane Filmshoot - organising Cosplayers for a photo and film shoot on a plane that emulates the R6 Siege map "Plane"


Candor is a Graphic Designer that has all sorts going on across the community. He is a co-owner of Project Prisma - a project which can be described as a 'fantasy league' for Rainbow Six.

He also creates electronic trading cards for pro's, casters, ubisoft employees and even community members


Wayne is truly an asset to the community, I first spoke to him back in 2019 when he was commissioning Rainbow Six Invitational themed profile pictures (see mine below)

He is a popular graphic designer having created emotes, badges and logos for pretty much anyone who is anyone in the R6 Community.


Andarne creates 3D props, mainly for use from Cosplayers but also just as collectibles, these props are absolutely amazing. Think of a Thatcher or a Valkyrie cosplay, without the actual EMP Gadget or Valkyrie Camera.

This is where Darny3D comes in!


Finally last, but not least, Aspira is a Cosplayer/Pillar of our wonderful community. Now working for Ubisoft in a Community Representative role, she is often found at LAN events having Cosplayed as Nomad and Alibi recently alongside Detaleader as Kaid/Maestro. Aspira was also a Ubisoft star player in 2017.

Thanks for reading through the the blog about my favourite creatives across the Rainbow Six community - please do check them out on Twitter/Twitch/Instagram. I've linked their twitter in my post and they have their own links from there.

There are hundreds of others that I could have included, our creative side is an underappreciated community and one that should be celebrated.


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