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G2 Invited to 2020 Six Invitational

G2 were announced on the seeding show on Wednesday as the invited team to the Six invitational 2020. In this blog post I discuss this, the groups, performance, plus a few other bits and bobs.

Firstly though, I'd like to apologise for a lack of blog posts. I am aiming to get the blog posts out once per day however have been stupendously busy. If you're an accountant you'll know that January is a busy month for tax returns, so for me as an accountant in my day job, having my own tax return business, working within G2 esports and also doing other projects (writing for RedBull + others), I really haven't had time to blog.

Unfortunately on Wednesday about 3 hours before our Pro League game, I was given the news that I was being made redundant as my employer was closing down my department. What this means is that as of 10th Feb I am unemployed. I have no desire to return to an office 9-5 day job, and instead will be looking to live on freelance income earned via my own tax business, G2 analysis + other projects. If anyone reading however has any opportunities that I might be able to help with, please give me a shout.

The good news about being made redundant is that when I eventually leave my job (and after invitational) I will have much more time to blog, grow my own business and also even possibly stream, so stay tuned on that one.

G2 are Invited

Anyway, back to the original topic. G2 are invited!

G2 should have been at the invitational, I wrote a blog post about why here - this post was made a long time before the qualifiers were over and before SSG qualified via online quals, basically I settled that it should have been G2 or SSG when you look at the overall picture.

I fundamentally disagree with the invite and believe that you should defend your major, not another. IE winner of SI20 should defend SI21 and the winner of Raleigh should defend the next Major (Location TBC).

Whether you disagree or not, G2 (and me! yey!) are going.

What this means for me/the team

For me, personally, this is absolutely a goal I wanted to achieve. Its no secret that I haven't been in the analysis game for a prolonged period of time. Infact SI 2019 was where I spent a LOT of time doing analysis on my own of all the teams. At the time I didn't have a team and was just working to improve myself as an analyst every single day. I took the whole week off work and just worked hard, looked at what teams were doing, why and tracking everything.

So to be going to SI2020 as an analyst is a dream and vision I have been working at consistently, I'm absolutely thrilled to get there and get going.

For the team, we know that based upon performances we didn't deserve it. (The same argument can be made for every team that didn't qualify). So our outlook is that even though we didn't get there on our own terms, we're going out there to be part of the biggest event of the year and enjoy it, see it as an adventure and to engage with fans.


The seeding for groups, in my opinion, was totally off.

The fact that Empire were number 1 seed but ended up in the group they did (with another top seeded team) is a little bit mysterious. We're talking about Invitational and there are no easy groups, at all, but there are two groups of death in A & B, BR6 might as well be happening in group C and then finally in our Group (D) we sort of resemble a typical group with there being 2 EU, 1 APAC and 1 NA team.

My seeding method

The way I would have seeded this is I would have had 3 "categories" for the seed and seeded all of the teams as follows

Category 1

Empire (and seed 1) - Raleigh winner

NaVi - PL Finals winner

TSM - DH Montreal winner

Liquid - OGA PIT winner

Each of the A teams would be top seed in their respective group and are seeded Category 1 because they actually won a LAN event to get to Invite.

Category 2

7 remaining teams from PL Season X finals

Category 3

Remaining teams, 4 qualified teams from online quals + Invited team (G2)

I would then have structured the groups as follows

Group A


Category 2 team

Category 3 team

Category 3 team

This rewards Empire for winning Raleigh and per the categories gives an easier group

All other groups

Category 1 team

Category 2 team

Category 2 team

Category 3 team

My draw

My draw played out as per the below image. I used random number generators to draw it with the only seeded team being Group A where Empire got 2x Cat 3 teams. I drew Cat 1's, then all Cat 2's and then finally all Cat 3's.

In the above, there is only 1 fixture with the same teams playing against their own region - being Wildcard and Giants. This could be to do with the luck of the draw but I think splitting the seeding as per the above would have helped eliminate the situation we have in Group C with that being 75% LATAM.

Just something to think about as I think certain teams that fell into the group of death felt slightly cheated, I have to say I do agree with them and I', not sure why the groups were drawn the way they were.


Just to finally conclude, thanks for reading, I'm hoping to produce more and more blog posts in the future given my situation, although I'm not sure exactly how financially viable it is at the moment I'm going to do my best. Myself and the team are working ridiculously hard to get ourselves in shaped for the last 3 PL games and also then Invitational.

Hopefully I'll see and meet loads of people out at Invite for promises to be an amazing event.


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