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Interview with Sternab

I finally managed to get sat down and interview the man, the myth, the legend -l James "STERNAB" Parkinson yesterday evening. I know people have been asking for this one for a while so here goes:

Hey Sternab - how are you tonight? Did you have a good time out in Croatia for OGA PIT?

I'm good, Croatia was a blast it's always great getting to see the players and talk to them, it gives you a lot of insight.

What was your favourite game to cast?

The first game I casted at the event was for sure my favourite, Liquid vs BDS was an insane matchup and honestly I thought BDS did particularly well strategy wise on Kafe but Paluh was not messing around in that series.

Liquid of course went on to win the whole thing and claim their invite spot! Moving on to SI 2020 - who do you think takes it?

NaVi, Empire and Liquid are the strongest looking teams in my eyes attending the event although I do favour Empire out of the three.

We haven't seen Empire play LAN in a very long time and we of course know their main weakness and strength is that they don't change much about their strats.

Not knowing what they have in store for the event and having so much time to practice makes them a scary prospect for any team.

Lovely stuff! So lets move on to you, what are you next casting?

I'll probably be covering a few of the Challenger League qualifier games in both North America and Europe.

There should be some interesting matchups and it'll be interesting to see what kind of talent there is in both these regions who can push themselves into Tier 2.

The CL productions are certainly valued by someone like myself who watches competitive siege whenever they can. Do you think you'll cover some of the qualifiers starting soon on a community cast?

Yeah however I'll be going away from a few days from the 9th January but I will be able to catch the start of the qualifiers.

Who's your favourite person to cast with?

I think I've had the most natural synergy with Dezachu, to be honest at times we can be quite polar opposites but I think it works quite well since we make up for each other's flaws.

If someone was to want to get into casting, what would you tell them to do? Its a strange thing to try and get into and give a go

The easiest thing to do is go over old vods and just try and cast over them yourself and see how you do, it's not an easy thing to get into and most of the time I would say either you have it or you don't.

Once you have 4 recordings apply to be an ESL community caster and then just cast whatever you can get your hands on. I literally got into my first professional cast (OGA) because they liked a Go4 cast I did.

Lovely stuff. Speaking of Casters, if you had to create a 5 man team of casters to sweat out some ranked - who makes the cut? Any region

Kixstar - Ramz - Sixquatre - Retalha - Flynn

If you was on death row. What would be your final meal?

Beans on toast, no doubt about it.

Finally lets talk Blueprints? I saw your examples, how/why did these come about? Who are they for?

I originally had them made for my own coaching purposes. I looked at Blueprints that were available and I hated the aesthetic but also how random they were. There was no guarantee of scale.

That was the most important part I wanted to change, I commissioned @maybenotbadger

to make them and he delivered by the next month however I didn't end up getting much use out of them.

I showed Reaper them during a conversation at the Major and I gave him access in order to use them for his videos. A

fter this a lot of people asked me if they could get access as well and I figured that it would be in my best interest to sell them so I could at least make back what I paid for to commission them in the first place.

Example blueprint:

Well that just about wraps it up - thank you Sternab for your time and I hope to see you casting CL some time soon!


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