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Panix kicked, Elemzje picked up

In the 11th hour, right before Pro League Season XI has started Dimitri "Panix" de Longeaux appears to have been kicked from BDS.

Panix Dropped

Panix joined BDS after having been dropped to sub from the Penta roster around this time last year, having played for End gaming and then most recently BDS Esport since June. He tamed with Shaiiko, Renshiro, rxwd and RaFaLe achieving CL 1st place, PL promotion and a spot at the Six Invitational 2020 most recently in the qualifiers.

The reason for the dropping/kicking is currently unknown, assuming he has been dropped. I'm not going to speculate any more despite a couple of things that I've been told. It is also worth noting that FiskeR - BDS head coach has also left the team on ESL play - its unsure whether that means he's been dropped or not. I do not know.

Elemzje picked up

Replacing Panix, is Bryan "Elemzje" Tebessi - who has seemingly been dropped from the Team Secret roster. Many people will remember his "Challenger League, Challenger League" outburst at the Raleigh Major. Secret looked lost at the OGA PIT lan, Elemzje's last game with that roster, who picked up Joonas for the Six Invitational qualifiers. The difference in that team for those qualifiers was huge, Secret looking reborn.

Elemzje is experienced, having palyed on many rosters, including Playing Ducks, Vitality, Supremacy and more recently a long stint with IDK/Secret,

Roster Lock

If the move is confirmed, BDS have avoided the "Roster Lock" that was talked about so much in November/December time by technically picking up a free agent. Elemzje having been deregistered in the appropriate timeframe.


Its so difficult to tell, but from what I've been told the change was needed - I'm just not sure on the trade and the choice of player. Elemzje is a solid player,

However is he the best FA out there? Probably not.

Is the best French player they could have picked up? Maybe.

Its for sure a spicy story line heading into Pro League, which is less than 3 days away now!

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