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Protect our streamers

This issue is often widely talked about amongst streamers in Rainbow Six. "A streamer mode". Right now in Rainbow Six, any streamer that has a large following (for example popular content creators or pro players) that streams will come across 3 types of nuisances that interrupt their stream and viewing experience.

  • Streamsniper

  • Queuesniper

  • Trolls

  • Cheaters

In the blog post below, I explain what the above categories are and how they could possibly be combated.


These are people who end up matched vs a streamer, accidentally or deliberate, who then proceed to use the information gained from watching the streamer on a second monitor in order to win. These people often also use a tracker which tracks big streamers and their linked accounts to alert the people 'sniping' if they're in a match with streamers.

Streamsnipers are often seen on any of the top 10-20 streams on Twitch, probably on more others too. They can be spotted as streamers often hide in irrelevant corners where nobody would ever check and you see stream snipers just come and kill them with no drone, no info, nothing.

Obviously this is very frustrating for the streamer, trying to make a living from twitch. Its also horrendously frustrating for the streams viewers and their viewing experience.

How Ubisoft could counter:

Streamsnipers are often opportunistic, recgonising a name in stream - for example Pengu.G2 and then proceeding to open Pengu's stream. Therefore the following measures look at reducing that opportunity:

- Allowing streamers to have a "show" name. IE if we follow Pengu, his account would still be Pengu.G2, however he would be able to "show" that name in a nickname form to anything he wanted, reducing the risk that someone realises its actually him.

- Allowing a streamer mode tickbox option which conceals the identity of those playing, this is to reduce streamsniping by association (say for example you see Zak4994 who Pengu always plays with, it would be safe to assume Pengu is straeming). The way this would work is everyone in the stack would be called "Player 1", "Player 2" and so on to the enemy team.

The above wouldn't fully eliminate streamsniping, but it would heavily reduce the opportunistic strreamsnipers.

Queue snipers:

Note - not all streamsnipers are queuesnipers, generally though all queuesnipers also convert over to being a streamsniper. This is because to queuesnipe - you are actively watching a streamers stream and decided to enter the queue at the same time they do in hope of getting matched against them.

Should the sniper be matched against them, they are then very likely to also streamsnipe in also to win, unless they consider themselves an ethical queuesniper and just want to play against and most likely be beaten by their favourite streamer.

How ubisoft should counter:

- Do not show the server that the streamer is playing on when the menu is opened. Instead hiding it behind a "detailed info" section or something like that.

- Allowing the old custom trick way of changing server again, this allowed streamers in WEU to change to NEU and same with the EUS streamers that could go to different US servers quickly to avoid quesnipers.

- Streamers can do this one, but have an overlay that covers the game so people have no idea if you're queuing or not.

Trolls & Cheaters:

I've bundled these in together because they're basically the same kind of shitty people. But just for clarification;


People who deliberately set out to ruin someone elses game. Especially if this is a streamer that is new to the game, say Shroud, Dr Disrespect or someone like that came and played Siege. They'd play casual and as soon as they'd be recognised, you'd get some idiot teamkilling them so that they could clip it and try and milk some reddit clout or whatever.

These people can be described as griefers and although not technically doing anything too bad, its very easy to ruin someones day, especially if that day is a huge streamer dipping his toe into Rainbow 6.


We've all met them, we've all come across them. For some reason Rainbow Six has a huge cheater problem that isn't dealt with nearly as quick as it should be, there are guys who have been blatantly rage cheating and even put the videos on Youtube - only for those accounts to still be ranked Champion weeks into the season.

Its very obvious why cheaters ruin not only streamers siege and their games, but all games in general. They're a huge problem.

For both of the above - how Ubisoft could counter, specifically in relation to streamers:

Any Twitch or Mixer Partner, Youtuber with over 500k subs, current Pro or streamer currently over 100 viewers at the time of the stream should have access to a specific customer support line, that is manned by an employee of Ubisoft 24/7, 365 days of the year.

I've worked out a reasonably salary basically needing 5 or 6 FT people to cover 8 hour shifts rotating through 8am - 4pm, 4pm - midnight, midnight - 8am every single day. Assume these support staff to be on $20,000 per year = $120,000 PA (+more costs to manage and implement).

The support line would actively move to issue temporary/special bans on cheaters, griefers or trolls.

Now the cost-benefit on this is basically 0. Theres not really any monetary benefit to doing this, although it would greatly benefit the happiness of the games playerbase that exposes the game to the most amount of "potential" customers, through all of the streaming platforms - so there is that.

Why "adding a delay" is useless

Adding a delay is absolutely useless because what you're forcing the streamer to do is choose which way they ruin their viewers streaming experience. The beauty of live streaming is that you get real life interaction, in real time with multiple people at once, as soon as you add delay, its not real time anymore.

You force the streamer between:

Option A - Add a delay, not be able to talk to chat and unless the delay is 1m or more, stream snipers generally still get a LOT of information regarding set up, operators etc. You fuck your stream as you can't react, answer chat in real time, this kills viewership.

Option B - No delay, all of your teams info is exposed to stream snipers and your gameplay is sub-par at best due to this, again killing viewing experience but not necessarily viewership.

If this was me, I choose Option C - going off siege and playing Rocket League.

Other general QOL fixes that would be beneficial in this regard:

- Avoid/Block function, that allows streamers to avoid identified streamsnipers/queuesnipers/cheaters/trolls. This would actively look to not match those avoided unless queue times were over say, 5 minutes.

-Ability to server hop, it can still be done really easily through gamefiles but for streamers thats a nightmare, allow the custom game trick.

- Find another match button actually seeking to find another match, not a different map vs same opponents. Again, unless queue times over 5 minutes.


I think if some, or all, of the above were implemented then it would result in a much, much happier top end of the player base. Not to say these problems don't happen lower down the pyramid of streamers, however the top end have the biggest following and the most vocal minority.


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