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Shag Marry Kill - Rainbow Six edition

In this popular and often comical scenario. I have chosen 3 people from the Rainbow Six Siege community and decided if I would Shag/Marry/Kill them - with reasons why (plus an introduction to them if you don't know them!)


Its got to be Captain Fluke .

IF you don't know who he is by now, you should! He is a UK (Yorkshire) based caster that has Casted ESL UK Premiership for a couple of seasons now, alongside OGA Pit Qualifiers and offline LAN.

He brings charismatic and very accurate play-by-play shot calling to his casting. He is very witty and a refreshing change to the casting scene. You'll often see him paired up with Demo which creates a sort of complimentary style providing they each get the right air time.

The reason I'd shag Fluke, is that he looks good both as a man AND a lady


I'd definitely marry Hanjosi

^^ Art by Han Josi ^^

For those that don't know - Simon is an incredibly well respected community member and artist across multiple titles (having drawn fan art for Siege, Overwatch, Apex and more). I've had the pleasure of meeting Simon on a number of occasions and it been thoroughly enjoyable every single time.

Simon is very active, wears their heart on their sleeve and have a huge voice in the community, choosing to use platforms for changing things to make them better - it particular LGBTQ+ and various other forms of discrimination.

Simon is also recognise by Ubisoft as a 2019 star player.


And finally, who I would kill. It would probably have to be WHOEVER THE FUCK THOUGHT LION WAS A GOOD IDEA

Sorry Ubisoft, but its you. The whole team who went through the phase of adding global abilities into the game and reducing the skill level of the game by adding an operator that literally gave the attacking team wall hacks was the most stupid, redundant thing I think I've ever seen.

The game was not enjoyable in Competitive play, it wasn't enjoyable in ranked or casual.

Like seriously, who the fuck tested this and went, "yeah that's balanced". Really?! What?!

Ubisoft do a LOT of good things, but this whole period of updates with Lion/Finka/Dokk/Global abilities, they got things very, very wrong. Take the hint Ubisoft, hit delete on Lion.

Disclaimer: Given its 2019 and people can get a bit touchy about this sort of stuff, this is all intended to be a fun list to poke humour and appreciation at some people that I've had personal interactions with based upon my interactions and nothing else. I don't think anyone should actually be subject to the above actions.



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