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Should G2 get Ubisofts direct invitation spot?


Ubisoft has a direct invite spot for the Invitational 2020. This means they select 1 team they want to bring and that team gets to compete at the Six Invitational despite not actually having qualified for it.

The Invitational is like the World Cup of Siege. There were 6 teams in the 2017 (first) Invitational, 2 x Invited teams in Continuum [who won] and GiFu. 4 x Qualifier teams.

In the 2018 Invitational, there were 16 teams which is what the 2019 and 2020 formats have been/will be.

2018s allocation of 16 teams was as follows:

  • Season 1 PL Champions

  • Season 2 PL Champions

  • Season 3 PL Champions

  • APAC PL Champions S3

  • LATAM PL Champions S3

  • NA PL Champions S3

  • 4 x Invited teams

  • 1 x Community vote

  • 2 x EU Qualifier

  • 1 x NA Qualifier

  • 1 x LATAM Qualifier

  • 1 x APAC Qualifier

^ Was a little bit of a wild allocation - the community vote really was a popularity contest and EU got 2 qualifiers.

2019s allocation of 16 teams was as follows:

7 x PL finals

1 x Major Champion

2 x Dreamhack Champion (Winter & Montreal)

2 x European Qualifier (1 additional as G2 had already made it with Paris win + PL finals)

1 x NA Qualifier

2 x LATAM Qualifier

1x APAC Qualifier

2020's allocation of 16 teams is as follows

8 x PL finals

1 x Major Champion

1 x Dreamhack Champion (Montreal)

1 x OGA PIT champion

1 x EU Qualifier

1 x NA Qualifier

1 x LATAM Qualifier

1 x APAC Qualifier

1 x Invited

The differences for 2020 from 2019 are that Dreamhack Winter isn't a qualifier - which was replaced with OGA. There aren't 2 EU qualifiers, only 1. There aren't 2 LATAM qualifiers, only 1. What this means is that there is 1 additional spot which Ubisoft have chosen to be an "invite" only spot.


In terms of the Invitational - they have Invited the following:

2017: CtM and GIFu

2018: 1UP, FaZe, Liquid and Rogue

In terms of other Majors - they have invited the following:

Paris Major:Host country Invite - Mock-it (considered the best French team not already there) - Edit - was corrected on Reddit that Mock-it won Coupe de France 2018 and that was the reason for the invite.

Raleigh Major: Host country Invite - SSG (IIRC because they got the furthest in the NA Qualifier without winning?)

So basically, its completely discretionary - there are no rules, there are no precedents.


Okay - so subject to a bizarre circumstance where they would choose a CL or T3 team over a PL team - I am assuming that it will go to a PL team.


  • G2 Esports (current defending champions)

  • ForZe

  • Vitality

  • Chaos

  • BDS (BDS could still qualify in the qualifier)

  • Secret (CL but added as Allied champions - although that qualified them for Raleigh)


  • Tempo Storm

  • 3of the following 4 NA PL teams still in Quals

  • Evil Geniuses

  • SSG

  • Luminosity

  • Obey Alliance (Ape)


  • INTZ

  • Black Dragons

  • Elevate

  • MIBR or Team One


Unlikely to be an APAC direct invite, in my opinion due to lack of any sort of serious competition on an international stage. They get the odd first round upset here and therefore but no APAC team has ever come close to winning anything. If any, will likely be one of:

  • Fnatic

  • Xavier Esports

  • Cloud 9

  • Cyclops

MY own personal rationale, would lead me to G2 as the invited team. If not G2 then I would broadly go with an EU team due to purely EU dominance on an international LAN stage being the deciding factor.



From a commercial point of view, this makes absolutely the most sense. The teams that are definitely not going to Invite don't have the fanbase/viewerbase to mirror what G2 bring to the table there. You can almost guarantee that should G2 not be there, viewership would dip based on previous years.

There is an argument that BDS/Vitality would bring in a large French contingent though - so the commercial aspect isn't the only thing.

They're the back to back world champions

This team, with the core of now Pengu/Fabian, albeit with Kanto last year also. Won the event last year and the year before. They should be given the right to defend their crown, the system that Invitational winner goes to Major and Major winner goes to invitational is slightly absurd.

In football (soccer for you lovely Americans) the winners of the European Championship don't then get an automatic invite to the World Cup - no they get to defend their title at the next European Championship.

Esports doesn't have to follow traditional sports, which I like, but I think it should in this instance.

It makes sense

Based on the two points above, there isn't another team that can, on a common sense basis, have more of a stake in claiming that Invite spot than G2. Not one team can say they are more deserving of it based on the overall picture.


They didn't earn it

True, but neither did ANY of the teams that are eligible to be invited, there were 5 options to earn the SI 2020 place (Get to PL finals in Japan, win DH Montreal, win Raleigh Major, win OGA PIT, win Qualifier).

None of the above teams did any of this. So its an unfair argument. There's an argument to say certain teams earned it more by getting to finals / or winning other stuff, here are examples

SSG getting to OGA PIT final

SSG winning US Nationals

BDS 3rd place DH Montreal

G2 2nd place Raleigh Major

EVEN if you argue that it has to be on recent form you basically narrow this down to G2 or SSG. SSG recently got to OGA PIT final and won USN, so in good form. G2 have been poor recently BUT got to the Raleigh Major final - which has more magnitude than OGA and USN combined as it is a Major/Premier event.


Yes, I think both of those teams have compelling arguments for getting the direct invite spot. I don't think any other team can come close when you base this purely on recent results in tournaments and Pro League. Here they are compared.

Its important to note that Evil Geniuses are also in contention here, although recently have fallen off a cliff with not qualifying to OGA, getting first rounded at USN, not doing well at Raleigh Major. They did however get to S9 PL Finals and finish 4th at DH Montreal.

Both EG and SSG can definitely still get to SI via qualifying, this is also important to note.


Overall, I think its ridiculous that there is an Invite spot at all, it just shouldn't have happened. It creates so much debate, ambiguity, drama and honestly - hassle.

On the balance of things - being objective - I think it should be an EU team. I think that EU team should be G2.

However thats balanced by the fact that SSG recently have done very well in two LANS and it could be argued that they are more deserving of it. I think all of G2 and their fan base will be wanting SSG to qualify traditionally.

Subjectively - of course its just picking your favourite team - so it would be MnM Gaming for me #UKMassive


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