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Six Invitational Closed Qualifiers - Day 5 - Grand Final

Short but sweet blog post today. The grand final is here!

Team Secret face off vs BDS Esport


Secret got here by winning 3 close Best of 3's by a score of 2:1 before ultimately sweeping aside BDS just two days ago.

Team Secret 2:1 MnM Gaming

This is the rematch we all really wanted, not Secret vs BDS! The first game these two played was an absolute barnburner. All games relatively close and realistically - could have been a 2:0 to either team.

Team Secret 2:1 ForZe

A shock, in many peoples eyes. After the first map - ForZe seemed like they had everything under control and containing the aggression Secret were showing. Then Secret found some resilience out of seemingly nowhere to win the fixture.

Team Secret 2:1 G2

In what was really, a weird game all-in-all, Secret beat G2 on the very last round of the third map in overtime on a Villa attack. Secret lost Border, but bullied G2 with aggression on Coastline, leaving Border as the final map. G2 unable to clutch out 4 map & match points ultimately allowing Secret their route to the final.

Team Secret 2:0 BDS

In a mix of great preparation, controlled aggression and maps that allowed player freedom - Secret dismantled BDS with absolute ease on Border and Coastline. On Border, Secret were prepared for BDS very consistent attacks, often killing the hard breacher on the CCTV balcony through soft walls in armory. On Coastline, they had BDS rattled, by playing off angles, smart angles and generally just being a lot better on that map.


BDS started their side of the bracket very comfortably before eventually getting knocked down to the lower bracket by Secret.

BDS Esport 2:0 Ex Gameward

A very straightforward game for BDS, Ex GW having their own issues posed absolutely no challenge for them whatsoever.

BDS Esport 2:1 Vitality

In an absolutely mega series, BDS just clutched out the BO3 in dramatic fashion - the final round of Overtime defending Bank bottom floor. If you haven't seen this series - I suggest trying to watch it - although I have no idea where given the R6 Esport VOD YT has been forced to take down the VODs.

BDS Esport 2:0 Chaos

BDS fortunate with this side of the bracket really. Chaos have made some changes and also are finding their feet. I've said this about them before, but they're consistently inconsistent. So they may have posed a threat to BDS, but in reality there was no chance of BDS losing this!

BDS Esport 0:2 Secret

As above. Secret just simply outclassed them 6 ways from Sunday.

BDS Esport 3:0 MnM Gaming

In what actually ended up being a flop, after a lot of hype (mainly from myself), BDS clutched out 3 easy maps vs MnM Gaming to get themselves into the Grand Final.

MnM on the night suffered all sorts of issues, power cuts, disconnects and ultimately were thrown off their rhythm. Meanwhile BDS picked into Border to try and rectify their wrongs from the day before.

BDS stayed strong, punishing MnM's disruption. Winning 3-0 on the night. One interesting thing is BDS were prepared for MnM - making them defend first on Clubhouse.


This is a Best of 5 - but with Secret starting 1-0 due to qualifying from the Upper Bracket.

The way this plays out is the bans are still the same as a regular best of 5, with the final map which would normally be the decider map, then becoming redundant. There is Unlimited Overtime in the final map - should we get there,

Secret decides who starts the veto - this is an interesting one as Secret can ban first and they would then get to play their maps as map 1/3. Or they can make BDS ban first and play their maps as 2/4.

Team A bans

Team B bans

Team A picks map 1 (B picks side)

Team B picks map 2 (A picks side)

Team A picks map 3 (B picks side) Team B picks map 4 (A picks side)

Redundant map not played


BDS have consistently banned Villa, forever. So expect this to be the same.

Secret on the otherhand have gone around the houses really, in the Best of 3 vs BDS they banned Consulate. I would maybe expect this again, they struggle there generally and BDS are very competent there.

I would expect Secret to pick Coastline + 1 more (possibly Kafe?)

I would expect BDS to pick Border - despite losing it to Secret 2 days ago + Clubhouse


Secret 3 (2) : 0 BDS

I think Secret will have this over and done with over 2 maps. Wherever BDS go, Secret will be fancying themselves and will be off to Canada in my eyes.


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