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TTS Changes

So - we got hit with a TTS update yesterday focussing on some changes, now I've not yet played the TTS so I could totally off with these takes, but here are my thoughts and opinions. Should I be off when I get round to testing them tonight, I'll update this thread.

Thread linked, text in blue is copied from the thread.

ADS Times

ADS time increased for all weapons.

Assault rifles: from 0.30s to 0.40s

DMRs: from 0.30s up to 0.40s

SMGs: from 0.20s up to 0.30s

LMGs: from 0.40s up to 0.45s

Pistol: 0.10s up to 0.20s

SMG in secondary slots: 0.10s up to 0.35s

Shotguns: 0.20s up to 0.25s

In Ember Rise there was an overhaul of the animations which caused ADS time to decrease across the board for all weapons. This change will make ADS speeds similar to what they were pre-Ember Rise, as well as align ADS times for all weapons in each of their respective classes.


I don't mind this change as a matter of fact, by delaying ADS times you effectively delay quickpeeking and the range of motion that a lot of people rely on in gunfights. I think this is ultimately a good thing as if you have the tactical advantage, be it from a trade, utility or time, you should win your fight.

I do have a slight issue though, in that percentage wise, the SMG secondaries have been nerfed into oblivion. Nearly 4 times what they currently were, I think a 0.25 time would be ideal, the SMG secondaries already have ridiculous recoil and are unreliable to a certain extent, so this seems like a much worse nerf than needed.


Echo and Yokai can now be hacked by Dokkaebi.

Echo is no longer immune to Dokkaebi's Logic Bomb. Additionally, if Dokkaebi is present in the round, Echo drops a phone that can be hacked when he is killed. When Dokkaebi hacks the Defender's Observation Tools system, access to the Yokai cameras is also granted for Attackers.

With this change, Yokai now has lights that show only when NOT cloaked, and Yokai drone lights will change to reflect it is hacked.

Echo has a high ban rate and is frustrating to play against, so we want to make more counter-play and counter-intel options against him available.


This is more of a buff to Dokkaebi than a nerf to echo. Dokkaebi will be nuts in comp play should this come in. I think this is a reasonably poor attempt at nerfing echo to be honest as it relies on a Dokkaebi being played.

I don't think people are frustrated to play against Echo because he can't be called or hacked, he's frustrating that his gadget is invisible, has a reload on the stuns and if not being used as intended is a free invisible cams for the defenders. Oh and he has 2 of them...

If I was in charge of balancing or whatever I would just have his drone emit a beep, a low audible beep similar to nomad charges that is distinguishable. Often at times in high level and comp play, people don't even know that theres information on them because echo drones are invisible and make 0 noise.


Reduced recoil on Scorpion Evo3 for the first 16 shots, any proceeding shots will have recoil similar to what it is currently on live.

Ela’s Scorpion Evo3 is one of the most difficult and frustrating weapons to handle among our arsenal. While Ela still performs well overall, we want to make the Scorpion less of a learning barrier while still maintaining Ela’s balance. A little more princess, a little less Nerferella.


What concerns me here, is that they have buffed Ela and they talk about maintaining balance. Ela used to be a demon, then got nerfed into the ground and then actually recently has come much back into the meta with a lot of people choosing shotgun over her. The reason Ela is so strong isn't the gun, its the gadget and the fact that it reduces sensitivity, impairs sight and completely disorients sound. The buff to her gun should come at the cost of one of those advantages being taken away (I'd advocate that a trap that changes the enemies sensitivity is OP)


Increased Finka’s Spear .308 damage to 42 (up from 38)

We’ve seen that Finka’s spear underperforms all other Assault Rifles on Att and are looking to make it a more viable option.


Finka is poo and should be deleted from the game. BUT. The reason people don't play Finka isn't that her AR is weak (which it is) most of the time its that she's actually a very boring operator that doesn't add value. It could even be argued that the sound of a Finka boost actually hinders any teammates and therefore even her ability is a bit pointless - I'd have liked to have seen them look at that first.


Reduced Jager’s 416-C damage to 38 (down from 43)

We’re still tinkering with Jager, but Wamai now in the game we feel it’s an appropriate time to make some moves and try to reduce the power of his 416-C which outperforms all other guns on Def.


No real problem with this one, gun is ridiculously strong and wins him gunfights he shouldn't win.


ACOG removed from Maestro’s ALDA

We think the ALDA is powerful even without the ACOG and want to see if it’s removal will highlight its other great qualities.


Very dangerous change, Maestro is very strong and actual a fire rate/recoil nerf is probably whats in order. Sure you're gonna get some people jumping off him given no ACOG but its a lazy/dangerous way to balance an operator rather than actually looking at the root cause of why he is strong.

Nokk & Smoke

Increased Nokk’s FMG9 damage to 34 (up from 30)

We want to give her a bit more confidence to make full use of her identity to sneak around and take 1v1 situations and gunfights.


Interesting, understand the Nokk buff. However this buffs smoke and in light of the SMG-11 getting such a ridiculous nerf we may see smoke be played out in some interesting, situational ways that are not traditional on site/turtle.


Candela’s now have a new outline that is visible only to Ying

Improved distribution of Cluster Flashes to make the flash more reliable.

Number of pellets per Candela increased to 7 (up from 6) - (1 at floor level, 3 at around hip level and 3 at head level).

Pellets detonation time reduced to 0.3s (from 1s on throw and 2.5s on deploy).

Pellets that bounce on environmental props maintain their velocity instead of falling and detonating on the floor.

Candela explosion minor VFX improvements.

We’re looking to make Ying’s Candelas more reliable and consistent as a whole. The new outline will also make her Candela mechanics more readable. And as pellets will explode mid-air instead of on the floor to avoid undesirable collisions, it will make Candela mechanics clearer.


Interesting, I think I like this. I would still advocate for moving Ying back to how she used to be with the delayed candela needing to be held. The issue with Ying is that she flashes her teammates and thus is usually entering alone, when her candelas were so inconsistent this lead to frustration. Hopefully thats no longer the case, I don't think we will see any major pickup in pick rates with her but it will be interesting to see.


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