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Working with G2


As many of you might have seen last night, although nothing was necessarily being hidden, Interro/Kix kind of announced me last night as working with G2 on the Rainbow 6 Official stream during the 2nd round of NaVi vs ForZe. They said analyst/helper which is probably a nice phrase to use.

Link here

Interro and Kix were very complimentary, which was really really nice to hear. Big thanks to them for the shoutout/announcement. Naturally my DMs flooded with people asking me, given Pengu also mentioned me in the post match interview of the G2 vs BDS game.

Kix/Interro had seen on Reddit someone say that I was G2's analyst - and therefore assumed it was in Public domain which is absolutely fine. That particular reddit thread was full of detectives that created a bit of a conspiracy stating that because my friend (Hawk) is 50/50 about making Invitational, somehow G2 have the invite.

As you'll see below, I'm not a contracted employee of G2 therefore I get told stuff on a need to know basis, if G2 have the invite and they know, they've deemed that I don't need to know and therefore I have no idea who has the invite. I'm not going to link the reddit thread because actually its a lot of assumptions put into a mixing bowl and the wrong answer came out.

This card is POG - thanks to Candor for it!

Working with G2

As mentioned above, G2 hadn't formally announced me due to a whole host of reasons - but the main one being that I am technically an external contractor - this is due to to the fact that I work full time and run my own business, in addition to working with G2 as an analyst. When I agreed to join G2, both parties wanted the flexibility in terms of the "employment", G2 having 3 support staff is big on the budget, me taking on basically 2 full time jobs plus a business to run required me to be able to be flexible also.

What this means in real terms is that I am a fully fledged member of support staff, supporting the G2 roster and current support staff of Shas + Sua.

The only real difference is that I work for myself and I'm not under an employment contract with G2 - this does have its downside though, as I don't get certain benefits that the roster get, sponsor gear, announcements, that kind of stuff - which I'm totally fine with - but I do benefit from the flexibility noted above.

The fact I'm working with the guys at G2 was always reasonably well known inside some circles in the EU scene, I was at the bootcamp with the guys shortly after the Cryn acquisition before OGA PIT. I wasn't exactly hiding the fact I was in that area with the team and Cryn even kind of announced me with his own photo by mistake.

Whats my history? Who am I?

I'm well aware that those that are Pro League fans only, or are just not in similar circles have probably never heard of me.

I'm totally cool with that, in fact I'm fairly honest about my relevant experience and lack of having been around the comp scene - only really starting analysis with a big time commitment around this time last year.

I'm a spreadsheet nerd, I used to have a boring job and started doing number crunching on siege about 18 months ago, just basic tracking of games/players and then I just developed more and more into analysing, predicting and that kind of stuff. Building my own spreadsheets/dashboards for analysis to give real time fast information.

KiXSTAr back in May/June time created a project team, Team SleepY - which is where I got my first opportunity. Kix was aiming to create a team and get them into Challenger League on a very short time frame, CL Quals being in July. I was drafted in early June after a 4 hour conversation with Kix. He had tweeted looking for an analyst and I was tagged in the tweet by a couple of people, fortunately I had analysis prepared to show any team I was looking to join, alongside a CV and other stuff that was relevant.

Kix said that he liked my professionalism and attitude. He also stated that normally he wouldn't have ever picked me up given my lack of experience within comp siege but he needed someone with the right attitude and that he could teach me all of the VOD review, what to look out for type stuff, this included stratting, tacboarding and counter analysing. I'm obviously glad he did pick me up, it was a fantastic opportunity that I hope someone else gets whenever he restarts SleepY.

Anyway going off topic, I spent 6 or so weeks with SleepY, fully investing all time I had available to increase my skill set as an analyst. SleepY was made up of Janixs, Liven, Kaktus, Godly Noob and Tordenguden. I spent time with Kix and Liven doing VOD review and literally picking their brains, I'm really thankful for that time as I learned so much.

SleepY did accomplish its mission, 4 out of the 6 people recruited for that team went on to play Pro League or Challenger League.

Upon SleepY's disband - I joined Horus esports. At the time I had offers left right and centre due to Kix's recommendations, I actually took advice from Shas at that moment in time as well. He advised that in SleepY I'd been working with high level players, ex Pro League players in Liven and actually that it would be worth spending time in Tier 3 if I could - despite the fact I had offers at the time from Challenger League teams.

I'm so glad I did that, spending time with Horus was one of the most insightful things I ever did, looking back now its interesting to compare and contrast. Horus unfortunately fell apart a bit but I did get a LAN win whilst with them in a smaller UK based tournament (which we are still waiting for prize pool winnings from, if anyone from the Horus org happens to be reading this...)

How did I end up at G2?

I don't really know how I came to end up working in Pro League - and more specifically G2 Esports - it was through a mix of working hard and utilising my network. I've been with G2 since basically the end of Pro League Season X, so that covers OGA PIT & SI 2020 Qualifiers so far.

When I left Horus, I trialled for 2 Pro League teams during the second half of Season 10 PL, with both wanting to pick me up.

I actually was going to sign with the second one and at the time I asked Shas for some advice regarding contracts and that kind of stuff - it was at that point the idea was floated the G2 could use tome additional support and if I would be interested in working for them.

Shas is someone that I kept in touch with ever since I first met him, which was after a business meeting I had down in Reading with one of my tax clients and now teammate - Pengu.

I couldn't not refuse the offer to come across to G2 and although it probably annoyed the org and team that I had been working with for most of Season X, it felt like the right thing to do. That particular team was, and will be just fine though, having picked up another very capable analyst in Affy who has literally just been announced on trial today.

So what do I do at G2

Well thats the million dollar question. I was brought in to alleviate some of the extra stuff that Sua/Shas were doing to allow them both to concentrate on playing to their strengths in order to get the best out of the team. For obvious reasons I can't go in to too much detail there.

The 3 man support staff set up is something I think will become more common and should be considered by most, if not all pro league teams. Some PL teams get by just fine with 1 all round coach/manager/analyst, it all comes down to the team and their internal stuff. For those of you that have been in and around this blog recently, I've unsurprisingly wrote a blog post about support staff and how a 3 man structure in terms of analysis + coach could look like.


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